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Web and App design

A website is an essential medium to represent your business. But nowadays, you need more than a web-design company to create a digital communication tool so comprehensive and detailed yet well-designed and tailor-made for your corporate strategy.

For our corporate clients, we provide long-term digital communication services that consist of websites, apps, social media and any available digital communication tool and tactic.

To make sure that our websites stay beautiful throughout years of data entry, we have developed our own proprietary CMS, BlogBuster™. Unlike other off-the-shelf CMSs, BlogBuster™ is exclusively coded for each project to make it incredibly simple and virtually error-proof.

Digital Ad Campaigns

When it comes to advertising, digital is underrated. It’s cheaper, precisely targeted, tangibly effective and incomparably measurable.

But most importantly, it’s interactive. There are tons of ideas to make end-users engage with your products and build a [virtual] user experience on top of the product impression.

Our creative team develops a tailor-made unique concept to create and run a fully digital campaign, while our analysts provide a comprehensive and precise report to measure its effectiveness.

Digital Branding

Multinational manufacturers and enterprise businesses usually own several brands, subsidiaries, and divisions.

We analyze such cases to develop the best strategic architecture in order to engineer the best brand communication in the digital world. We make sure that your unique corporate identity will look and feel consistent across the web.

Consulting Services

Creating a beautiful small website with a handful of daily visitors in one thing, but keeping the same caliber of quality for a 100K/day visitor website is a whole different monster. Every small decision in UI, SEO, network infrastructure, database design and data entry will dramatically affect the rest of the project.

When it comes to enterprise-level websites and apps, we know how the big picture works. We'll stay with you every step of the way from business-planning and branding to hunting the best tech contractors and marketing experts -- but most importantly, always keeping quality as the first priority.

Special-Purpose Simulation

The most unique aspect of the digital world is its interactivity. Video games are the best example of harnessing that concept.

Now things get especially exciting when we expand that idea to our real world by transforming an ordinary object into an interactive interface: Imagine an augmented-reality enabled mirror or a holographic statue in the mall.

Our game-design backgrounds and motivation to find new ways to blur the line between reality and simulation will come in handy for such projects.