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Project XARMEX

Augmented Reality Simulation

XARMEX (short for: eXtended Augmented Reality for Military EXercise) is an augmented reality-aided close quarters combat simulation system. It combines motion detection hardware with image overlay/stabilization software to create realistic military simulation environments and computer games.


XARMEX uses augmented reality technology, using live footage as the overlaying video source.

Unlike augmented reality, the ultimate idea of XARMEX is to make an illusion of reality by making augmented objects indistinguishable from the live video feed.


XARMEX uses the same hardware concept as augmented reality in terms of motion detection and image processing. Based on the user interface device and the simulation environment, different types of motion detection hardware are employed (e.g. 3 axis InvenSense MEMS Gyros, FM radio based local positioning device, GPS receivers or infra red motion detectors).


In augmented reality computer generated graphics are augmented on live footage, where in XARMEX, the overlay is a live or pre-recorded footage as well, using Alpha-Channel overlay image and a color matching software module.

To make the illusion of reality, color saturation, light level and sharpness of the live source is detected and then applied on the overlay footage before augmentation. The co-ordination of overlay is obtained from motion sensor hardware.


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