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Sony Neo L Project

Digital Communication Campaign / Online Game

Based on Japanese electronic game Tamagotchi, neo L was a virtual smartphone that users needed to 'adopt' and look after. Users who prove they can look after their virtual smartphone, will be awarded with a real smartphone.


Create awareness about Sony’s new product, create personal bond with it and increase sales.


The specific price-range of the product and its relatively strong hardware, makes it the perfect transition phone for early adopters.

Inspired from Tamagotchi concpet, we created a web-based game to offer users user the virtual phone they could 'adopt' and look after.


Direct targeting more than 20,000 potential customers, and have them ‘live’ with our product for 30 days and create an emotional bond with the product


Xerotex Digital Solutions

In Association With:
Magnolia Advertising

Creative Director:
Reza Mohammady

Sony Mobile Communications MENA